Porsche 993 Overview

Of all Porsche production models, the Porsche 993 is the most celebrated and venerated 911 to date. Almost fourteen years since one was produced, Used Porsche 993s are still the benchmark that new 911s are measured against.

The Porsche 993 was developed during an era some consider to be the most difficult time for Porsche, as the company was experiencing sobering financial woes during the late 80’s and early 90’s. This was due to not only a worldwide recession but their own inefficient manufacturing processes as well. Porsche was in danger of losing the one thing the company enjoyed more than motorsports: financial independence. The next 911 (the Porsche 993) needed to surpass previous 911 sales, without cleaning out Porsche’s coffers.


Porsche 993 – The last air cooled Porsche

Most people understand that the Porsche 993 was the “last air-cooled Porsche,” referring to its engine, which used air and oil to regulate temperatures instead of antifreeze. Purists will quickly point out that “true” Porsches have an air-cooled engine mounted behind their rear axle. By this definition, many consider the Porsche 993 as the pinnacle in the evolutionary process of Porsche’s original 1964 911 design. The five-bezel instrument panel, the floor-mounted pedals, the horizontally opposed six-cylinder motor howling behind its operator, the 993 was a descendant of the original Porsche 911 in every sense.

Purchasing a used Porsche 993 as your first exposure to the marqu may spoil your sentiment toward Porsche’s other offerings, though there is no finer introduction to the culture and lifestyle. To date, the Porsche 993 remains a competent platform that is just as demanding to drive as it is rewarding to plunge through twists and turns. The Porsche 993 is a fan favorite, steeped in motorsports heritage.

Facts about the Porsche 993

Embracing performance and manufacturing efficiency alike, Porsche 993s use the same doors and engines from the previous generation 911, the 964.

Porsche 993s with 3.6-liter engines made 272 HP until 1996, when Porsche’s Vario-Ram became a standard offering. Vario-Ram adjusted the length of the air intake ducts according to engine RPMs and the car’s speed. This feature bumped the power up to 285 HP and produced a flatter torque curve. The twin-turbo 3.6-liter engines produced 408 horsepower, with the Turbo S and GT2 993 variants producing an even more powerful 430 and 450 HP, respectively. The 3.8-liter 993s made 300 HP, and could be built-to-order with Vario-Ram from the factory as well, though it was not an official option.

Porsche never officially produced a 993 Speedster, though two are thought to exist. Comedian and Porsche aficionado Jerry Seinfeld purchased a cabriolet model that was modified within the factory to create one 993 Speedster. The other was offered to Ferdinand A. Porsche as a 60th birthday present! If you see a “993 Speedster” for sale, chances are it is the product of some extreme aftermarket modification!

Used Porsche 993s are an excellent investment opportunity! Enthusiast demand for the last-generation air-cooled 911s, coupled with the fact that 993s are terrific performance cars, allows most models to consistently maintain their value, especially when they are well serviced (and documented).

Rarer production models, such as Carrera “Turbo look”, 993 Turbo S models, Targas, Carrera RS and GT2s, enjoy an exceptionally high and stable value. Porsche keeps meticulous records of the models they produce, and for a fee, Porsche 993 owners (or any model Porsche owner!) can verify precisely how many 993s left the factory configured identical to their own. Porsche offers certificates to owners verifying that their vehicle is literally one-of-a-kind!
Porsche 993s have two oil filters.

Porsche 993s do not have any traction control variant. Porsche was historically opposed to any electronic driver aids. Back then, drivers either knew what they were doing behind the wheel, or they bought a different car! Porsche’s forced-induction 930/911 turbos developed a notorious “widow maker” reputation due to their unique driving dynamics in corners. The 993 turbos are much more balanced and well behaved compared to their predecessors due to their integrated all-wheel drive. However, uninitiated drivers can still find themselves spinning out in a corner if their steering and throttle inputs aren’t precise (Don’t lift!). Of course, Porsche also offered some 220 RWD-only 993 GT2s for the brave and wealthy.

Porsche produced a 993 Carrera RS that was essentially a stripped out, racing derivative of the 993. It came with the naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter engine and a host of weight-saving measures, such as a fixed rear wing and lightweight wheels. More was left off to save weight, like sound deadening material, headlight washers and rear seats, to name a few. Sportier versions, called the RSR or RS Clubsport, left the factory without air conditioning and power windows. These were not offered for sale in the United States.

Porsche 993s have an immense 19-gallon fuel tank, and the 993 turbo models came with a massive 24-gallon tank! Left-hand drive Porsche 993 variants could be fitted with the larger tank as an option. Even without the larger fuel tank, an efficient driver could take a Porsche 993 almost 500 highway miles with its 16/25 fuel economy. The Porsche 993s can cover more ground than its successors, the heavier 996 and 997 generation 911s! The 996 and 997 are fitted with smaller 16.5 and 16.6 capacity tanks, respectively.

Porsche 993s were the first production 911s (Porsche’s homologation 959 supercars aside) to feature a six-speed manual transmission. 993s equipped with automatic transmissions could have the optional 4-speed tiptronic transmission, with shift buttons mounted to the steering wheel. This is another 964 part incorporated with the 2WD 993 models.

Porsche 993 For Sale

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